Satyarth Priyedarshi

Mahindra jumps into electric vehicle ridesharing with hashtag#Glyd. No, it will not be able to beat uber or ola. But sometimes, Adoption of a new product like electric vehicles needs a proof of concept like hashtag#Glyd to create trust and experience. If it turns out to be profitable (It actually may) then it will have customers in Ola and Uber as well as boost Electric charging infra available in India. So this is a powerful strategy.

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Glyd is focussed on daily office commuters and has features like web-conferencing and curated entertainment. M&M has partnered with Cisco, Vodafone and a few others in Mumbai to provide the service. @anandmahindra @my_Glyd @MahindraRise


Excellent ride on the electric @my_Glyd today. Smooth, noise-free, nice additions like privacy curtains, air purifier, earphones, entertainment-cum-work screen (WebEx/zoom enabled). Excellent first impressions. Congratulations to your team @anandmahindra sir. Thanks @ct_kannan

Chetan Dhawan

Great stuff! @my_Glyd @anandmahindra Hope to travel in it soon. #SharedeMobility


I always thought bringing Electric vehicles (EVs) in for cabs was always a good start ! #Mumbaiischanging #betterliving

Mufaddal A. Choonia‏

Saw this Mahindra @my_Glyd vehicle on my way to work today. Electric shared mobility catching on. Great news! And seeing how peacefully the passenger in the car was sleeping, I only feel more & more are going to move to this option in the future #GoGreen @anandmahindra @GoenkaPk

Dinesh Panwar

I think Glyd services should be started in Delhi & NCR.We will definitely use it.This will be the best effort to save the environment.

Vaibhav Ashok Singh‏

Early morning saw zero emission @MahindraElctrc serving @my_Glyd on Mumbai roads @anandmahindra @GoenkaPk

Mudhap Thakur

Have you heard about "Glyd"? Few outside Mumbai would know. Perhaps Mr @anandmahindra has kept it as Mumbai secret. Still I managed to learn about it on a show on @BBCWorld .

Bloomberg Quint

Mahindra & Mahindra’s app-based electric taxi service Glyd will be available in Mumbai. @anandmahindra @GoenkaPk


Competitive service indeed! Should give the hailing apps - run for the value!


Great initiative! Please extend your services soon in Siruseri - Sholinganallur area. OMR - Chennai. A definite need.

Dinesh Panwar

Great initiative. Salute to Mahindra for sustainable development.

Deepankar Sadekar‏

Nice to see the @my_Glyd #eVerito being used for office commute. Hope to see the fleet increase @anandmahindra@MahindraRise